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featured poet, Peter Phillips

Peter Phillips

Sitting for a Back Cover Photo

Where do you want me to sit?
Perhaps if I put you close to the bookshelf
it would make you look more intellectual.

But I don’t want to heighten expectations.
I see what you mean. What about a background
shot of the books, would that suit you?

That’s much better.
I like the idea of the reader getting
the message I’m bookish. Thank you.
What an impressive camera.
It’s digital now, does everything except
wipe your bottom. I’ll take a dozen
and you can decide.

You’ll have to advise me, should I smile?
I usually do.
How about looking a bit pensive, can you do that?
Oh yes, that’s my fall-back expression.
OK let’s get on with it.
I’m really looking forward to seeing them –
me looking wise and distinguished.
Don’t get excited, this could be tricky.

Peter Phillips

in collectionOscar and I, 2013, Ward Wood Publishing