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Download rules and entry form from website or send sae to Grey Hen Press, PO Box 269, Kendal, Cumbria LA9 9FE. www.greyhenpress.com




Fri 30th

Ware Poets Open Poetry Competition 2021
Prizes: 1st – £600; 2nd – £300; 3rd – £150
plus Ware Sonnet Prize £150
Entry: £4 per poem
Rules and Entry Form (pdf)

Kim Moore

Fri 30th

21st Poetry on the Lake International Poetry Competition
Online entry. Theme: ‘from dusk till dawn’
Three Categories: Silvery Wyvern; Formal Poem; Short Poem
Prizes: 1st – Silver Wyvern, 300 Euros, 2-night stay in Orta hotel
2nd – 200 euros; Short & Formal – each 100 euros
see Poetry on the Lake for rules & entry fees
about James Harpur

James Harpur

Fri 30th

Grey Hen Poetry Competition for women over 60
Poems up to 40 lines on any theme.
Prizes: 1st – £100; 2nd – £75; 3rd – £25
Entry: £3 per poem; £10 for 4
download rules/entry form at www.greyhenpress.com

Merryn Williams & Pat Winslow

Mon 31st

The Frogmore Poetry Prize 2021
Prizes: 1st –250 guineas and 2-year subscription to The Frogmore Papers
1st & 2nd runners-up – 75 and 50 guineas respectively plus 1-year subscription
Shortlisted poets – copies of selected Frogmore Press publications
+ publication in Issue 98 of The Frogmore Papers
Entry: £4 per poem
rules and entry details (pdf)

Clare Best

Fri 1st

2nd Poetry on the Lake Short Story Competition
Online entry. Theme: ‘Haunted’
uneasy stories for Hallowe–en & Christmas Eve
500 to 6,500 words,
Prizes (t/f) & publication in anthology
see Poetry on the Lake for rules & entry fees

Gabriel Griffin



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Poetry on the Lake           (results on the Poetry on the Lake website)

Second Light, all from 2008

Swale Life Poetry Competition, Apr 2012
Swale Life Poetry Competition, Jan 2012

Torriano 2008/9

Ver Poets Open Poetry Competition 2015 (pdf)

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