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poetry p f  was formally launched in August 2005, with 27 poets listed.


The site is principally intended to be a showcase of modern poets, and to provide a focussed point for members to take advantage of the visibility and searchable presence the Internet provides;  further to promote poets and poetry.


Each member has their own pages within the site, to include poems, biography and photograph, links to their own and favourite sites and, provided their publishers’ consents are obtained, their publishers' details.

Feature articles and reviews (of others' books) are invited.  There is a separate members’ events listing website - www.poetrypfevents.co.uk - (added February 2013),  and a listing on the main site of competitions and other calls for submissions advised by members associated with them.  poetry p f has no involvement with these competitions.  features   calls and competitions    There is also a 'shop window' facility where members can list their publications and purchase contact details.  shop   Poem cards were published by poetry p f and sold from 2006 until the end of 2022.

The online shop enables direct purchase from poetry p f. Items for sale are: poetry p f publications, updates, renewals and donations, Buff Press publications, plus a small selection of anthologies and members' books.

The home page includes one poem by a featured poet and the featured poet status is rotated through the founder membership.

joining poetry p f

poetry p f receives no external funding, therefore membership is mainly by invitation and no payment is made to members for feature articles.   Each member is invited to introduce one other poet to the site.   This is to enable the site to grow organically over a period of time and to maintain a high standard of poetry included in it.

Applications to join are considered.  Please read the terms and conditions in full before applying. When enquiring, please include a little of your publication record and give the names of one or two existing members who are familiar with your work.  email:  Joining Enquiry

Sponsored Pages

Where their aims are in the interests of members, arts organisations are invited to take sponsored pages on the site.  Normally a single page, but several linked pages also considered.  This may be useful for small organisations with little or no web presence

e.g. a single page might include:

information about the organisation and their aims
details of events and competitions
a posting of competition results.


To members:

No charges to founder members for the lifetime of the site.

No charges to non-founder members until October 2005.  

No charges for updates to the members' events listing or shop listing pages.  Due to impractilities, members' items are not normally sold in the poetry p f  online shop.

From 1st October 2009, until further notice, charges are:

    £20 one-off, for new members for their initial entry

    £20 annual renewal due on 1st October

    £10 for all non-founder members for update to their pages

For sponsored pages:

from 1st February 2007, until further notice, charges are:

    £20 per annum per page

    £10 for an update to pages

All payments are due in advance (cheques payable to poetry p f).

These charges are intended only to cover the costs of running and developing the site.


Terms and Conditions

Members’ pages within the site will include five poems previously published (preferably not self-published), biography and credits, photograph, and links to their own and favourite sites.  

Before their pages can be made live, all members are required to:

approve a draft version of their pages

pay any charges due

indemnify poetry p f against any losses due to copyright infringement arising in respect of the poems they have provided

poetry p f  is subject to the Acceptable Use Policy of the web-hosting service provider and any members' pages which do not comply with this policy will be removed from site.

poetry p f  reserves the right to reject application for membership and to remove members' pages, without their agreement, in any event or circumstance where removal is considered appropriate action.

poetry p f will make every effort to process members’ pages and shop listings and to respond and deliver on shop purchases accurately and in good time, but does not accept responsibility for perceived or actual losses, in the event of error or delay.

Agreement to be included on the site is deemed to be acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

poetry p f in relation to Data Protection:

- has one Data Protection Officer (Controller and Processor): Anne Stewart.

- will only make public those contact and personal information details given by Members specifically for inclusion on the site.

- does not distribute its Membership list to any 3rd party organisation.

- will not make available to any individual any Members’ contact details or personal information which was not submitted for inclusion on the site.

Gift Vouchers                                                         

At 5 Oct 07, it was evident that there was no interest in this and the scheme was withdrawn


founder & site editor

Anne Stewart


Significant changes since launch, 1st August 2005.

17th Apr 2023:

site updated for cessation of sale of poem cards from online shop w.e.f. end 2022.

5th May 2018:

Addition of Data Protection details.

1st February 2013:

Addition of new 'events' website www.poetrypfevents.co.uk, with Username & Password for Members to log their own events. There are no charges for using the events website.

1st May 2010:

Commencement of site redevelopment to reduce file sizes and increase membership capacity. Membership extended to application as well as introduction by existing members.

1st October 2009

Addition of annual renewal (applies to poets invited after 30th September 2009).

Invitations to date, which have not been taken up, expire on 31st December 2009.

Due to addition of the poetry p f online shop, clarification that 'Shop' refers to the shop listing entries with links to purchase points and that, due to impracticalities, members' items will not normally be included in the online shop.

Publication of new Poem Cards is on hold.  

1st April 2007

Increase in charges to members (applies to poets invited after 31st March 2007):

    Registration £20,   Update £10.

1st February 2007

Introduction of sponsored pages.

1st July 2006

10th October 2005 (Changes apply only to members not yet invited at the change date):

Adjustment of wording to reflect that site is fully up and running.

Replacement of paragraph -  

from:             "poetry p f  reserves the right to reject application for membership and to remove members' pages in any event or circumstance where removal is considered appropriate action.   In the event of removal from site, all payments previously made to poetry p f  will be refunded."

to:                 "poetry p f  reserves the right to reject application for membership and to remove members' pages, without their agreement, in any event or circumstance where removal is considered appropriate action."

Addition of paragraph -  "Agreement to be included on the site is deemed to be acceptance of these Terms and Conditions."


last update:




sponsored pages


terms and conditions

acceptable use policy

data protection


significant changes

17th Apr 23

5th May 18

1st Feb 13

1st May 10

1st Oct 09

1st Apr 07

1st Feb 07

1st Jul 06

11th Dec 05

10th Oct 05


© of all poems featured on this site remains with the poet
site feedback welcome