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NEW, Nov 08: Judy Gahagan on Nature and place)

features_html_smartbutton1.gif    Alice Beer  Close reading by Michael Laskey:
              "So You Want to be a Potter?"

features_html_smartbutton1.gif      Interview:  "Listening to her talent blossom", Catherine Etoe interviews Beata Duncan

decorative bullet     Judy Gahagan Article: "Claiming the Poetry Heartlands"

response from Anne Boileau: "Dear Editor...

We at Suffolk Poetry Society are currently doing a once a month eco poetry course with Judy Gahagan. I have only now by chance stumbled upon this article, and it's very good. She is a fine tutor. We meet in an old water mill on the river Stour and have watched the seasons unfold through the spring and summer. We read poetry on a theme, workshop  our own, and sit in small groups around the garden exploring themes she has introduced;  after which, between meetings, we draw poems out of what we have talked about.

Her point about poetry being a subversive movement is spot on. And the fact that it does not make money, or gain a brash profile, is all to the good. Not consuming but making, and creating and sharing.

I just wanted to say, what a good article and thank you."

features_html_smartbutton1.gif  Donald Gardner  "Cutting Losses: Translating Remco Campert"  (Note: article now removed due to expiry of copyright permission)

decorative bullet    David Hart Article:   "meaning meaning" 

decorative bullet     Moira Merryweather  Article on poet "Virginia Warbey"

decorative bullet     Moira Merryweather A Challenge:  argue the point
                "Is poetry JUST another form of therapy?"  

Angela Dove responds

and a very short but passionate response from
Rebecca Agbesin:

"I THINK SO!!! IT makes me feel a lot better if I need to express myself or get something off my chest I write poetry its theraputic and always feel a sense of release!!!"

decorative bullet    William Oxley Article:  
"Ian Caws:  A Mystical Elegance of Form" 

features_html_smartbutton1.gif     Peter Phillips Interview by Bridget Galton:
                "Centenary Verse for the Suburb"

features_html_smartbutton1.gif     Margaret Speak  Reviews: "Derek Walcott: Selected Poems", Edward Baugh; "Glad of These Times", Helen Dunmore; "Stitching the Dark", Carole Satyamurti

features_html_smartbutton1.gif     Tony Turner Article:  "Michael Norman (1923 - 2003)"


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