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Damage limitation

      for survivors
‘You’re a hard man’,
his companion had said in the billet.
Deep inside the hard man feels like jelly,
crying silently at night under rough service blankets.
Now in civilian life,
he hides his grief in the bathroom
where he had run as a child.
His parents, numb with confusion.
They are all voluntary patients
in this particular bedlam.
‘The only way to remain a gentleman here
is to have a bath every morning’,
the elderly émigré says.
A child is exposed to lysergic acid.
‘Treatment’, they say.
In the grounds of the hospital
he talks with the child -
petrified, and distressed.
‘Treatment’, they say.
A beautiful woman,
abused by the Sister-in-Charge,
talks of a glass wall between herself and the world.
He sees his friend’s sister left with a half-life,
brain-butchered in the surgery of fashion.
Damaged and confused by analytical theory,
they are comforted by kind-hearted nurses.
The Resettlement Officer proffers a ‘green’ card,
says it will help with employment.
His salary would be halved,
so he works ‘undercover’
with a fear of discovery.
His evenings light up like mornings,
and the depression lifts.
He knows he is damaged,
tries to love his depression.
His life becomes his metaphor.
He navigates the mist,
searching for clarity.

Dennis Evans

in collection, Service days, 2015, Celebration Press
ISBN 978-0-9531298-5-0