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Oonagh Segrave-Daly presents a weekly poetry programme
and is featuring members of poetry p f who are also featured
in the
poetry pRO bilingual anthology and CD

poetry pRO project

Buy the anthology: And the Story Isn't Over...
and CD: And the Story So Far...

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The programme is presented by professional reader                    Oonagh Segrave-Daly                    on Tuesday afternoons                    2 to 2:30pm.  If you're within range                    it's 105.0 FM.  Otherwise                    you can listen online at


Presentation of work and interviews with the 'Story' poets is expected to come into the schedule during September 09 (schedule t/f).  

The project arose following a reading from A Twist of Malice                    at Walpole Chapel in July 09                    which Oonagh attended.  She invited the 'Malice' poets                    via publisher Joy Howard                    Grey Hen Press                    to have their work read then                    one chat leading to another                    as it does                    extended the invitation also to the 'Story' poets.  Invited separately,  Kate Foley's work and an interview with her has already been presented in a broadcast in August.

The poets in the 'Story' anthology and CD are:

Alice Beer

Donald Gardner

Carolyn O'Connell

Judi Benson

Gabriel Griffin

William Oxley

Gary Bills

Chris Hardy

Jeremy Page

Helen Burke

Maggie Harris

Peter Phillips

Elizabeth Burns

Alison Hill

Chris Preddle

Maggie Butt

Louisa Hooper

Rod Riesco

Caroline Carver

Maria Jastrzebska

Maggie Sawkins

Christine Coleman

Kavita Jindal

Hylda Sims

Claire Crowther

Angela Kirby

Anne Stewart

Stella Davis

Philippa Lawrence

Michael Swan

Michael Di Placido

John Mackay

Davide Trame

Brian Docherty

Mary MacRae

Deborah Tyler-Bennett 

Barbara Dordi

André Mangeot

Nigel Walker

Pat Earnshaw

Daniel Thomas Moran

Rik Wilkinson

Victoria Field

Graham Mummery

Merryn Williams

Kate Foley

Katrina Naomi


Katherine Gallagher

Ruth O'Callaghan



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