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featured poet, Hylda Sims

Hylda Sims photo


Sayling the Babel
   (Drinte Mog, 1499)

We somme foglant an the starfoot
clammt und sveltstrickt
ins gnocchi nicht
Stilldeckt, fearboden
velblakket all
nem wan kans nils persicht
Oren bin oren drammet we
slepfe nem wan kannot
pensamme oft we nilgen usland sicht
Wendon, Lodblinken! Sonne rimmet
felts ab clair
bov blaugen sofar okean
Bretplumers flaum an doppled waterscuffs
skimflighters brostle, ayn gint notheran
strange flishen, como gigants, glimt and plaumet
Sen kepitin Fortuno
(Lodreft bogfutch!)
Fargript, mundklept, lagenflotted
we somme gamboltongues
befor the wander of itt.
Note: Sailors on an early voyage of discovery to the new world speaking in a European patois
Inspired by a workshop given by the late Ken Smith


Hylda Sims

first published in Stand, Vol 6 (1), 2005