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featured poet, Alice Beer (1912-2011)

Alice Beer


What I learned living on my own again

That grieving is natural and hurts.
That it is easy to forget
one’s children of any age
also have to come to terms with their loss.
That it is important to fill
the space left empty.
That Christmas and Birthdays are best
spent with family or friends.
That “alone” is not synonymous with “lonely”.
That even your friends prefer to share good times
with you rather than your grief.
That it is possible to go out on one’s own.
That it is easier to get to know strangers
when not part of a couple.
That one can still laugh and enjoy oneself.
That one person might be able to do things
that were too expensive for two but
that a bargain is not a bargain
when one can use only half of it.
That one can indulge one’s own taste.
That freedom is something to treasure.
That life is still worth living.

Alice Beer

in collection, Talking of Pots, People & Points of View,
2005, poetry p f, ISBN 978-0-9552040-0-5