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featured poet:    Peter Phillips

Peter Phillips photo

Bindweed to the Hedge

     from sequence Saying It With Flowers
You say we’ve got a forceful nature,
but you’re wrong, it’s anxiety that genetic
hand-me-down, internal frown, which like
a poet’s passion, has become a habit.
So when we feel it coming on, we twirl around
your roots, climb from ground’s dark scrub
till we reach the top, open our trumpet flower,
breathe out, relax in daylight. We’ve tried
meditation, mysticism, nothing too controversial,
that kind of spiritual thing doesn’t work. Chatting
with a dog rose is helpful, smell of Norfolk lavender,
calming. We don’t really want to be any other
kind of weed. But seaweed might be nice,
out on a soothing wave, just floating.

Peter Phillips

published in anthology Genious Floored, 2014