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featured poet, Mimi Khalvati

Mimi Khalvati photo

from Entries on Light

And in the sea’s blackness sank
   wreckage of the day
its faces, voices, stops and starts
   while to the surface rose
lights, lapping of waves
   squawks of invisible birds
we heard as apertures
   in a low dark sky –
the glittering crust that to an eye
   seeing for the first time
evidence of man’s night on earth
   might be as intricate, luminous
as space to ours and wondrous
   in its buoyancy, littoral
between depths and heights, electric
   on its charts of glass
as peace might be
   putting out without sound or sail.

Mimi Khalvati

in collection Entries on Light, Carcanet, 1997,
ISBN 1 85754 329 7