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poetry p f featured poet:    Patricia Bishop

Patricia Bishop photo

Woman Washing

At the side
of the porcelain sink
is a cracked jug.
Her thumb splays
across its surface
as she lifts it, bends forward
and thrusts the warm water
over her hair, rubs in the shampoo.
Violets this week.
Makes a great froth
on the top of her head
as she knuckles the lather.
then three lifted jugs
till all turns smooth and black.
Straightens, half naked.
I could swing from the strong balance
of her arms as she rubs and turbans
the towel about her.
Now fresh water
and face to waist
lathered and washed.
I think she must be beautiful.
Finger my own white dress
with the rabbits.
Rub a tuck of its cotton
against the smooth silk of her blouse,
gently touch the lines of stitches,
till she suddenly turns and I step back.
‘Leave it alone.’ she says
but not shouting.

Patricia Bishop

published in Smiths Knoll;
in anthology, Parents, Enitharmon in association with Second Light