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featured poet, Jacqueline Gabbitas

Jacqueline Gabbitas photo



I have marked a doorway “vision”
on a map of my house. I’ve named
rooms               ‘people’ and ‘nature’, ‘apples’
and ‘light’. I can tell you
                            there’s no guttering here:
there’s nothing to guide
                   the rain away, nothing
to catch leaves from trees that on my map
are the names
of windows.
And because of this, I’ve no sense of roof,
of capping off.
Images fill my landing,
                   squeeze under doors I didn’t name –
   there must be
space between some rooms
                   that poetry can’t occupy.
And if a room is full of ‘questions’ or ‘blind’, ‘fusing’
or ‘slow’, who could think
                            of a channel to trap them,
  a roof to cap them off,  when ‘questions’
and ‘blind’, when ‘apples’ and ‘song’
                   know outside these walls there is ‘grass’,
and ‘deep’ and ‘sky’?

Jacqueline Gabbitas

first published in Magma, No. 30, 2004;
in pamphlet collection, Mid Lands, 2008,
Hearing Eye, ISBN 978-1-905082-27-4