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featured poet, Peter Phillips

Peter Phillips photo


     from sequence Saying It With Flowers
I know we look sad; unfortunately it’s instinct.
If your ancestors had seen what we endured,
maybe you’d understand. We were always attracted
to sacred places, the never-ending peace of holy ground,
only the sound of bell ringing, the chantings and sheep.
They were on horseback, thundered through the fields
and forests where we lay, some dormant others in bloom.
The noise… their hooves ripped the earth,
then came the cries. It happened all over, but in the east,
Walsingham, Framlingham, great swathes of us were
wiped out, others so shocked they didn’t see daylight
for years. We don’t like being thought of as sad. I know
they hadn’t come for us but it was a bloodbath.
We were part of it. No, talking about it doesn’t help.

Peter Phillips

published in Sofia, December 2013