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featured poet, Anne Stewart

Anne Stewart

Tonight I Met Someone

Just someone with a sad edge
who sat beside me, tic of a smile,
chose me for some inapt reason
to share a few words though
they seemed hard-found.
Minutes, fifteen maybe, at the most,
and in that time (was it taken from
or added to his own?) told me
how his life is now.
Occasional, lonely, the choices he makes,
his small achievements and desires.
Why me? Innocuous, perhaps, more likely
than synergy. I absorbed it all,
nodded here, smiled there.
Nothing changed. No one was saved,
no great deed was done. Nothing was found
or lost, nothing given in this bare exchange,
not a name, not even a shake of hands.
And I was glad of him, his choosing me,
our sharing minutes with no outcome,
no duty to connect. I need reminding,
sometimes, of the simple things.
Humanity. A reason to exist.

Anne Stewart

in collection Only Here till Friday, Bibliotecha Universalis (Bucharest)
2015 (Eng/Rom) ISBN 978-6-0613245-7-6; 2016 (Eng/Sp) ISBN 978-6-0613312-0-8
and in anthology, Songs for the Unsung, 2017, Grey Hen Press,
ISBN 978-0-9933756-4-4