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49 poets in anthology and CD, shop online both together, £11.99
a representative sample of publishers' choices today.   ANTHOLOGY:
And the Story Isn't Over... and CD: And the Story So Far...  

The Project

A collaboration between Lidia Vianu, Professor of contemporary British literature at the English Department of Bucharest University, and poetry p f, a growing showcase of poets writing in English, some fully accomplished with several published collections, others at the start of their poetic careers. After a year of operation...  the publication of a bilingual anthology (book and CD) and the Romanian UK tour!

The tour (20 March to 2 April 09) went with a real swing... Smashing venues and great audiences.  Representing Prof Vianu and their co-translators at the University of Bucharest, Lavinia Zainea and Elena Nistor read with over 20 of the poets whose work has been translated and ran a translation workshop at the University of Middlesex. (photos)

London, York, Cambridge, Teddington, Southsea, and back to London again, we were well-received everywhere.  And we couldn't have done it without the sheer generosity of all those who supported us with donations and advertising, our one sponsorship deal with Arc Publications, and the equally generous support of the Romanian Cultural Institute, who hosted the Grand Finale in London, linking it with their Enescu season of concerts by young musicians.  

We were joined in the latter part of the tour by Aprilia Zank, co-ordinator of our sister project,  poetry tREnD - translation into German, Ludwig-Maximilians University, Munich, whose tour photos are included in the photos page (link above).  Also see poetry tREnD for details of the project and photos from their open day in Germany in February 09.

Many thanks, too, to Patrick Widdess who featured some of the poems on his Music and Spoken Word radio show, Headstand, in April 09... You can tune into his show at 105 fm or listen on the net at  209.radio.co.uk

Sponsorship/Advertisers        Donations

And if you'd like to support the tour (it's not too late to help us break even...) with actual loot, poetry p f will be very, very, grateful...   We can still take donations and we'd really like the bilingual anthology and CD to get out there and be enjoyed.   Buy online by credit card or download an order form (pdf).

Anthology & CD

And the Story Isn't Over... cover

see list of contributors

And the Story Isn't Over...

39 poets & 33 translators.    
£7.99 (£6 contributors), or £11.99 with companion CD

Most of the poems have previously been published by magazines and in collections so the anthology presents a fair sampling of what publishers currently see as good poetry.

  "... an unusually large number of good poems for an anthology"    Katrina Naomi, poet

And the Story So Far... CD insert

see list of contributors

And the Story So Far...

21 poets & 17 translators (companian CD to the anthology, and mostly not the same poets/poems).
£4.50 (£3 contributors), or £11.99 with anthology

Most of the poems have previously been published by magazines and in collections so the anthology presents a fair sampling of what publishers currently see as good poetry.The CD contains a mix of amateur recordings and professional recordings extracted from the National Broadcasting Corporation (Romanian) programmes.


Contributors to anthology

Poets: Alice Beer, Judi Benson, Gary Bills, Helen Burke, Elizabeth Burns, Maggie Butt, Caroline Carver, Stella Davis, Brian Docherty, Barbara Dordi, Pat Earnshaw, Kate Foley, Katherine Gallagher, Gabriel Griffin, Chris Hardy, Maggie Harris, Alison Hill, Louisa Hooper, Angela Kirby, Philippa Lawrence, John Mackay, Mary MacRae, André Mangeot, Graham Mummery, Katrina Naomi, Ruth O'Callaghan, Carolyn O'Connell, William Oxley, Jeremy Page, Peter Phillips, Rod Riesco,  Maggie Sawkins, Hylda Sims, Anne Stewart, Michael Swan, Davide Trame,  Deborah Tyler-Bennett, Nigel Walker, Rik Wilkinson, Merryn Williams

Translators: Ionela Maria Adam, Iulia Anchidin, Oana Cristina Andreoiu, Daniela Bojica**, Ileana Botescu-Sireteanu, Ruxandra Buluc, Gianina Casleanu, Simona Elisabeta Catana, Corina Chelmus, George Cojocaru, Dana Constantinescu, Reliana Andra Craciun, Angela Craescu, Cristina Florea, Eliza Ghitulescu, Andreea Hadambu, Oana-Teodora Ionescu, Dan Mateescu, Roxana Mindrican, Gabriela Moldovan**, Ana-Maria Muntean, Elena Raluca Nebunoiu**, Dana Nicorici, Cristina Nistor, Daniela Oancea, Steliana Palade, Florentina Yvonne Penciu**, Fabiola Popa, Brandusa Raileanu, Ana-Paula Sezonov, Alina-Ioana Stan, Ioana Teodorescu, Hilda Vekony

** against a translator's name indictes that they have more than 1 poem included

Contributors to CD

Poets: Helen Burke, Maggie Butt, Christine Coleman, Claire Crowther, Michael Di Placido, Victoria Field, Kate Foley, Katherine Gallagher*, Donald Gardner, Maria Jastrebska, Kavita Jindal, Philippa Lawrence, André Mangeot, Daniel Thomas Moran, Ruth O'Callaghan, William Oxley, Chris Preddle, Maggie Sawkins*, Michael Swan*, Rik Wilkinson*

Translators: Elena Arma, Roxana Cioriia**, Reliana Andra Craciun, Andreea Diaconu, Carmen-Oana Dumitru, Miaela Guzu, Andreea Hadambu, Serban-Dragos Ionescu**, Liviu Martinescu**, Elena Raluca Nebunoiu, Elena Nistor**, Corina Onofrei, Florentina Yvonne Penciu, Raluca Robatzchi, Raluca Romaniuc, Alexandra Sarbu, Nicoleta Stroie

* in CD entry indicates a different poem from the one in the anthology

** against a translator's name indictes that they have more than 1 poem included

Additional Readers: Lavinia Carcu, Bianca Trasca



Arc logo

40 years at the

cutting edge of

poetry publishing

Known  as 'the' specialist publisher of cross-culture poetry and poetry in translation in the UK, ARC PUBLICATIONS have published the work of several of the poets involved in the poetry pRO project.   

"This is an exciting development and we want to support the initiative".  

Tony Ward

Their most recent publications are Midnight and other poems  by Mourid Barghouti, Guests of Eternity by Larissa Miller, The Night Fountain by Salvatore Quasimodo (publishing, at last, some of his earlier work) and a new anthology, in the "New Voices from Europe & Beyond" Series, featuring six Polish poets, Edited by Jacek Dehnel.

poetry pRO is delighted to have sponsorship from this significant international player.  Please visit their website to see the full range of their publications, discounts, reviews and news...   www.arcpublications.co.uk

cover of Midnight, by Mourid Barghouti

cover of Guests of Eternity by Larissa Miller

cover of The Night Fountain, by Salvatore Quasido

cover of Six Polish Poets, ed Jacek Dehnel

Please also visit our advertisers:

           Split the Lark           Fal Publications           Poetry on the Lake           Tongues & Grooves          Writing Workshops and Retreats

To make a donation (all sums considered generous!) by credit card:  

poetry pRO wishes to thank the following, who have made donations of cash
and/or saleable items and/or significant services  to the Tour funding:

Acumen Magazine, Helen Burke, Maggie Butt, Caroline Carver, Russi Dordi,
Victoria Field, Katherine Gallagher, Alison Hill, Kavita Jindal, Angela Kirby,
André Mangeot & friends, Mango Publishing, Moira Merryweather,
Daniel Thomas Moran,Graham Mummery, Rockingham Press,
Maggie Sawkins, Shoestring Press, Bridget Simpson, Frances Spurrier,
Richard Stern, Michael Swan, George Szirtes, The Frogmore Press,
Two Ravens Press, Brenda Walker, Rik Wilkinson, Margaret Wilmot,
Dilys Wood, Word for Word Writers' Group

and a number of anonymous donors for their generous support.


 Editors’ Day

Split the Lark


Due to circumstances beyond their control, Split the Lark Poets
regret that this event has been cancelled and offer their apologies
to all those who had intended to take part.




Fal Publications

Fal Publications logo
beautiful books from Cornwall

forthcoming ...    October Guests pamphlet with poems by
                                   Caroline Carver, Victoria Field and Penelope Shuttle

latest poetry...     Knights of Love by Jane Tozer — ‘intense, obsessive, sad,
                                   fey and movingly sexy.’  Margaret Reynolds in
The Times

Other books by Bill Mycock, Angela Stoner, DM Thomas

Poetry on the Lake

Poetry on the Lake

Isola San Giulio, 28016 Orta (NO) Italy

IX Spring International Competition, closing 15th May 2009

Adjudicators: Carol Ann Duffy, John Whitworth, Kevin Bailey

Autumn Awards. Annual anthologies & Journal

Events – itinerant readings, workshops, poetry and dance, music, on Lake Orta,

the most romantic of the Italian Lakes


 e-mail       or visit:  www.poetryonthelake.org

Tongues & Grooves

Tongues & Grooves logo

  • The Florence Arms, Southsea, last Sunday every month.
  • Platforms for writers & musicians & special guests.
  • Encouraging the 'quiet voice' since 2003.
  • Concerts, roadshows, readings, workshops, recordings.
  • Visit www.tonguesandgrooves.com.

Writing Workshops and Retreats

Writing Workshops and Retreats

Victoria Field, writer and poetry therapist, is offering a number of writing retreats in 2009

For more details and for a programme  of open workshops in Cornwall, contact Victoria Field 
e-mail or call +44(0) 1326 319030

Victoria Field

July Creative Words for Health and Well-being,
Kalikalos, Greece.  sea, sun and community

September Wildness and Wet, Cae Mabon, Wales  writing in
a Welsh shangri-la, deep contact with the natural world

November Writing in Healthcare with Graham Hartill,Ty Newydd, Wales
an introduction to this growing area of work

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Romanian Cultural Institute

 German project:  poetry tREnD

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