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 Romanian UK  Tour
Supported by:  Romanian Cultural Institute

 About the Tour       About the poetry pRO translation project
And the Story Isn't Over...    &   And the Story So Far...   -  bilingual anthology & CD 

Photos - yes, while we all pottered about just doing readings, Elena Nistor, official tour photographer, got the camera out and snap, snap, snapped... (occasionally handing over the reigns of course)

All Go!  at Camden:

All go - pre-reading, Camden Town

(a good one for 'Spot the poet' )


All set for a wedding?  No, it's a
post-reading pose at York!

All set for a wedding?  Post-reading, York

Tony, Phil & Elena on the left,
Lavinia at the right,
Simon, Helen and Nigel
down the middle...

a visit to Shortlands Poetry Circle.
Maria Jastrzebska is ready for anything (left of the window):

A visit to the Shortlands Poetry Circle, Bromley

at the Ripley Arts Centre, Bromley

Whatever it was, it was THIS BIG!
Judi talks, André listens, Katrina and Maria get down to business...

Serious business... CB1 Café, Cambridge

at CB1 Café, Cambridge (great coffee!)

Nick talks us up at Rhythm & Muse, Teddington

Nick presenting, Rhythm & Muse, The Red Lion, Teddington


Anne, meet Lidia.  Our first ever telephone conversation!

 Anne, meet Lidia...
(and a good one for 'Spot the specs' )

I'm going to tell you a story...

Lavinia and Maggie at Tongues & Grooves, Southsea

Lavinia and Maggie at Tongues & Grooves, Southsea

Er, can anybody tell me who this
strange woman is, please?

Michael and Anne at The Florence Arms (T&G)

Michael and Anne at T&G

He's mine, I tell you!
Lavinia and Elena are allowed
out in Portsmouth...

Lavinia and Elena, Portsmouth

Anne gets her feet wet.  
Maggie and Millie have no intention
of following suit!

Maggie & Millie and Anne at the seaside

Maggie Butt shows us what we're in for at the University of Middlesex...

Maggie Butt, Univ of Middx programme

Kavita and Lavinia at the
Romanian Cultural Institute...

Kavita and Lavinia at the ICR

And by the by:  
after running the translation workshop at the festival, we were invited to attend the remaining events.  Following the 'Iain Banks' interview: Anne, Elena, Iain Banks, Aprilia Zank & Lavinia.

Anne, Elena, Iain, Aprilia, Lavinia photo 

Photo courtesy of Aprilia Zank, co-ordinator of our sister-project, poetry tREnD
(German translation, Ludwig Maxilmilians-University, Munich),
who came over specially to join us for the latter part of the tour...

Now, where did I put that...?

No, er, I mean:
Philippa and Dilys at the Grand Finale

Philippa and Dilys

(and another one for 'Spot the poet' !)

Margaret and Graham look after the drinks table...
(caption competition?)

Margaret and Graham  

a few more at the Grand Finale... and after.  

Pat and Ruth look lively...  Graham and Alan play peek-a-boo

Pat and Ruth

Aprilia Zank and poets, Katherine Gallagher and Peter Phillips

Aprilia, Katherine, Peter photo

and taking a well-earned bow , left to right:
poets, Kavita Jindal and Pat Earnshaw,
University of Bucharest, Lavinia Zainea and Elena Nistor,
poets, Ruth O'Callaghan and Louisa Hooper

poets and translators take a bow

Let us to a hostelry!
Lavinia, Philippa, Peter & Elena have one thing on their minds:
er, where is the nearest hostelry?
(turns out to be The Pantechnicon - very nice too)

It's all over bar the bar...Lavinia, Philippa, Peter and Elena ask where it is...


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