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Hospice Uganda


Published in The Herald Sun, Australia, 2011


Anzac Day at the G




Gallipoli. France. Kokoda. A cold dawn.

Players among the young who joined up

for a bit of excitement. Poor exchange for

the hard-baked earth, the mud they found,  

a jungleís spiteful stings. A world gone mad.


Men who played by Aussie Rules

came back mad, blind, without their legs

or hands if they came back at all.

I was born to the sound of Nazi planes

and bombs, in darkness now forgotten


in a joy of cheering. For today I marched

singing with the Magpie Army

here to this oval field of play, vast and green,

to mark loss; to remember. Malthouseís last

Anzac. My first. First Magpie game.


And this year it is Easter. The bugle,

and the Last Post sounds before Reveille,

at the Shrine, now at the G.

And then the soldiers leave. Iím

Level 1, right by the cheer squad,


waves of voice like breakers on the shore -

and here they come, bolts of energy

that twist and duck and leap, stab-kick

and stretch to send the Sherrin soaring

high above our heads. Magpies and Bombers  


black and white and red, now marking,

now colliding head to head and hip to hip,

now side by side, and now confronting,

feet thudding like steers across a prairie

stripped of bush and tree; only the eight posts


for target, and the high ranks of spectators

to scream to the tune of Dolly Grey, Piesí

words etched in sore throats, a tribal cry

and tribal fire to make men race, to stretch,

to power a winning kick, a winning run.


And now itís my voice screaming, YES!

and NO and Go Harry! Wow Leon!

- my life is marked; I caught the bug.

An Anzac game, but like a Final. Just the day

to march, remember, and, above all, to play.



Hilary Elfick

published in The Herald Sun, Australia


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