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Nocturne in blue

It was often like that
if he came in first and she followed,
not so bad the other way round
but on a Friday or Saturday night
not totally unexpected
I could hear his key in the lock
heard the shaking, bronchitic cough
so I knew it was him:
I ran half-way down the stairs
seeking my usual shivering place
where they couldn’t see me
in case it blew over
But that night it was loud;
her Auntie Elsie’s clock, a wedding present,
came sailing through the air, lay broken,
I raced out to intercept his flying fists –
my little sister just behind me –
two soldiers in blue pyjamas
in the crossfire of battle
In the morning at school desks
we re-lived the night
dipping our pens into deep wells of ink
seeing Mam’s moon-pale face,
the purple fingermarks at her throat.

Thelma Laycock

in collection, A Difference in Direction, 2015, Indigo Dreams,
ISBN 978-1-909357-61-7;
in anthology Her Wings of Glass, 2014, Second Light Publications,
ISBN 978-0-9927088-0-1