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published in collection Drowning up the Blue End

bluechrome, 2004, ISBN 1 904781 54 3 



It might have been a Vermeer—the light

from the street falling through glass to catch

the raised hand, the stream of milk, the note

fingered on the virginal.  A perfect

composition: tiled floor, a still-life

of trinkets, a trio of figures

freeze-framed in a palette of golds, blues,

reds—each one held back, each one holding her breath.


Watch the shop-girl smile, only a prick

then it’s done; the mother, linen-white,

cupping a swift hand for the trickle

of blood; the daughter, brush-blurred, still wet

behind the ears, caught between coquetry

and innocence, waiting for the needle’s bite.


Siriol Troup


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and in the shop ...
pamphlet - "Moss", Poetry Monthly Press
collection - "
Drowning up the Blue End ", bluechrome

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