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Blinking Eye




Hearing Eye


Poetry on the Lake


Prize 2001

the ticking crocodile

Prize 2004

Prize 2005

In the Company of Poets


Poetry School


Poetry Society


Second Light




Other Presses


Entering the Tapestry

this little stretch of life

I am Twenty People

National Poetry Competition 2001

Images of Women

My Mother Threw Knives

Take Five 06

Chalk Face Muse


Ten Hallam Poets

Wading through Deep Water

Biscuit Publishing Ltd

Prize Anthology 2001, ISBN 1-903914-03-5.  £7.99

Carole Bromley


Blinking Eye Publishing

The Ticking Crocodile, 2004, ISBN 0-9549036-1-7.  £5.99

Carole Bromley, Gill Learner, Lyn White


Bridport Prize, Sansom and Co, 2005

The Bridport Prize 2004,  ISBN 1-904537-24-3

Jane Routh

The Bridport Prize 2005,  ISBN 1-904537-45-6.  £10

Carole Bromley


Hearing Eye

In the Company of Poets, 2003

Bruce Barnes, Michael Bartholomew-Biggs, Sara Boyes, Brian Docherty, Beata Duncan, Jane Fraser Esson, Martina Evans, Leah Fritz, Katherine Gallagher, Donald Gardner, John Godfrey, Martha Kapos, Johannes Kerkhoven, Mimi Khalvati, Angela Kirby, fPhilippa Lawrence, Jehane Markham, Nancy Mattson, Mary Michaels, Sharon Morris, Rosemary Norman, William Oxley, Linda Rose Parkes, Peter Phillips, Jo Roach, Anna Robinson, Hylda Sims, Jenny Vuglar and others.


Poetry on the Lake/Wyvern Works

Stranger, 2006, £7.50 incl p&p

Pat Borthwick, Caroline Carver, Pat Earnshaw, Victoria Field, Ruth O'Callaghan, Anne Stewart, John Whitworth and others


Poetry School

Entering the Tapestry, Enitharmon, 2003, £8.95 + p&p

Linda Black

this little stretch of life, Hearing Eye in association with the Poetry School, 2006, (eds. Karen Green and Mimi Khalvati), ISBN 1-905082-19-3.  £5.95

Linda Black, Jacqueline Gabbitas, Mary Macrae, Sharon Morris, Ruth O'Callaghan, and others

 I am Twenty People, Enitharmon, 2007, (eds. Mimi Khalvati and Stephen Knight), ISBN is 978-1-904634-36-2, £8.95.

Carole Bromley


Poetry Society

National Poetry Competition Winnersí Anthology 2001

Carole Bromley


Second Light:

Images of Women, Arrowhead Press in association with Second Light, 2006, eds. Myra Schneider and Dilys Wood.  pre-orders discounted, see details (requires pdf reader)

Carole Bromley, Philippa Lawrence, Mary Schneider

My Mother Threw Knives,

Ruth O'Callaghan, Anne Stewart, Lyn White


Shoestring Press

Take Five 06, 2006.  ISBN 1-904886-36-1, £8.95

John Manson, Nancy Mattson, David Miller, Rosemary Norman and Ruth O'Callaghan


Other Presses:

Chalk Face Muse: Poetry as a Foreign Language EFL Poetry Anthology, , 1999, (ed Martin Bates), Whiteadder Press. ISBN 0-9520827-3-x.  £9.99

Carole Bromleyand others

Room, 2006, Worple Press  ISBN 1-905208-08-1  (13:   9781905208081), £6  (pdf order form)

Allison McVety, Anne Stewart, Siriol Troup, Susan Utting and others

Ten Hallam Poets, (eds. Steven Earnshaw, E.A. Markham & Sean O'Brien), Mews Press, 2005, £7.99.  ISBN. 1-84387-123-8

Gabeba Baderoon, Don Barnard, Andrea Dow, Frances Leviston, Tracy O'Rourke, Shelley Roche, James Sheard, Anne Stewart, Tim Turnbull, Tony Williams

Wading Through Deep Water: the Parkinsonís Anthology, Coychurch Press 1991, (ed. Tony Curtis; dialogue Val Bowden).  ISBN -0-9540276-0-4.  £6

Carole Bromley and others


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