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in New & Selected (1981 - 2009), Time Between Tides,
Rockingham Press, ISBN 978-1-9049513-3-2



Helen Thomas in Epping Forest


A sound pushed like paper under a door

was all that you left of yourself for me,

unmaking the shape of us. While you saw your way,

the leafless window promised me nothing

in its changing tone-songs, Easter

after Easter already written, imagined

through the fogged silence of woodland,

its ally in a conspiracy of short days.


And I've had to live with that prophecy,

body of a solitary alive

in a rain that has once too often slushed

memory seeking a dusk poem

in the prosaic glare of grey light.


All this remains in the knowledge of winds

that still blow now and then over the place

making me a ghost there. In the morning

hereafter there's a dress on a bed

and a naked silhouette in white light

by the window as if it happened yesterday

when the snow's stillness brought us together,

the iambics of you walking away 

evoking the last sounds we made of love.  


Seán Street


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