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Romantic Notions

He down one end of the phone
she down the other on her bed.
They are talking about what it means to love.
And she can sense him
from his darkness moving out
to believe that love between two people can grow.
But all the while she is skeptical
that there is such a thing
as that core of flowering:
a romantic notion
that, yes, secretly she longs for
but has long ago told herself does not exist.
What about the day by day loving?
She thinks about her father,
his handling of plants.
His chunky fingers
separating root from root
oozed such feeling and kindness
patience and giving
that the plant
when placed in the soil, could only grow.

Sara Boyes

in pamphlet collection, Black Flame, 2005, Hearing Eye, ISBN 1-870841-25-5
in anthology, Images of Women, 2006, Arrowhead Press in assoc.
with Second Light, ISBN 978-1-9048521-4-8