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First published in Orbis , no. 95, 1994

in Marigolds grow wild on platforms, ed. Peggy Poole,

Cassell, 1996 ,   ISBN 0 304 34776 0

in   Poem for the day Two,  ed. Retta Bowen & others,

Chatto, 2003,  ISBN 0 701 17401 3




The 10:19 will call at Sideways Glance,

Eye Junction, Smile, and Unexpected Chance;

Then Disco, Party, Pub, and Country Walk,

And on to Intimacy, Bed and Talk,

Commitment, Mortgage, Offspring, Menopause 

Where it divides: passengers for Divorce

Should travel in front. Any passenger

For Widowhood should travel at the rear.

A hot and cold service will be supplied

Throughout. We wish you all a pleasant ride.



Rod Riesco


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