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Ladders Appear at Fences

brick sheds diminish, brambles lift over walls
gardens give onto wasteland, feet into miles

espalier trees link arms around the yard –
there is always stuff to be thrown out, junked, denied

removals heap into skips, the engines growl
cucumbers fatten in cold-frames, greenhouses boil

gutter-pipes reach up at corners, bins wait in line
washing flies sidewards away from the wind

sorrel burns the embankment, rust on the rail
the mainline goes elsewhere, channelled to change

and footballs barge into bushes, newspapers fall
breadcrumbs are scattered on patios, curtains are drawn

children are playing at houses, adults too late
tenants touch up their paintwork, cars on display

lorries heave onto motorways, distances lead
flowerheads open their hands, and windows swing free

aerials jostle for signals, the programmes come
and every departure engenders a home

carrots emerge from allotments, plugs pull on drains
ladders appear at fences, people climb.

Rennie Parker

in anthology, Reactions 4 (ed. Esther Morgan),
2003, Pen & Inc, ISBN 1 902913 18 3