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Philippa Lawrence 1938 - 2015

An article in memory of Philippa Lawrence is published in
ARTEMISpoetry, Issue 15 (Second Light Publications, Nov 2015).


published in South, 18, 1998, ISSN 0959-1133;

included in bilingual (Eng/Rom) broadcast, 2008,

National Broadcasting Corporation (Romania);

included in CD anthology (Eng/Rom), And the Story So Far...,

2009, poetry p f, ISBN 978-0-9552040-2-9



The Daisy Chain


Home on leave from the War

the tall soldier —

dark haired, blue eyed, dashing —

sat on a dry stone wall

by a Devon stream

in the Spring sunshine.


He showed

the curly haired little girl,

child of his wife’s

Paying Guest friend,

how to make a daisy chain,

wary of his pugnacious small son.


When the soldier had gone away

the moppet made a circlet of daisies

to adorn her baby sister’s

downy ash blonde hair

as she sat gurgling in her pram

on the cottage lawn.


So pretty for a flash of time — 

pale gold and white and green —

before she grabbed it,

gobbled it up

and was sick.


The little girl’s mother

gave her a thrashing;

the soldier

was killed in battle.


Philippa Lawrence



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