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Home by Different Ways

     (life hath called and death will call
               Christina Rossetti)
From shore-line, pavement, road
Mottled with white patches
Chewed between the lines
From empty lands
Rough landscapes
And what they bring
A little place exists; existed
With roses around the door.
This is anywhere.
Fantasy can take you
To a heavenly place near hell
And as the body twists
With wrenching sentiment
Please come home…
(to some great gathering of the clan).
A rumble in dreamland still in mind
Imagined peace before arriving
Leaving messages in Birthday-Christmas rhymes
Arrive at a place and call it home
Chew your way back a million times
And on this journey moving or still
Home by different ways.

Philip Bennetta

in collection Home By Different Ways, 2016, Community of Poets & Artists Press,
ISBN 978-1-902529-23-3