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Philip Bennetta is an English artist, poet, and psychologist who has lived and worked in France and South America. In the late nineteen sixties, he became attracted to an interdisciplinary approach to the arts, which continues today, featuring a considered inclusion of subjects, styles, materials and techniques together with the blurring of traditional boundaries. His work relates to place, fragment, folklore and memory and is essentially poetic, inspired by E.E. Cummings, T.S. Eliot and Arte Povera. His poetry has appeared in a range of literary journals, anthologies, collections, films and broadcasts. He is married to fellow artist Susan Bennetta and their home and studios are on Bodmin Moor in Cornwall.
measures, (part of MA thesis, University of Lancaster (1990)
get a dog and other poems, Community of Poets (1994)
get a life and other poems, Community of Poets Press (1995)
to be continued, Pamphlet Poets (1997)
missing in soft focus, Community of Poets Press (1996)
fragments, another suburbia, Community of Poets Press (1999)
approaching and…, Oakwood Press Proof @ KIAD (2002)
no sign, Community of Poets & Artists Press (2004)
sound of absence, Community of Poets & Artists Press (2006)
The Scarpfoot Zone: An Anthology of Contemporary Poetry From Kent,
(eds. David Shields, John Rice and Michael Curtis), Aegis Press 1996
those marks so deeply scored/ces traces si profondes,
translated by Francesco Pantaleo, Pamphlet Poets (2010)
trespasses Community of Poets & Artists Press e-book (Kindle) (2013)
no signs, Community of Poets & Artists Press (2013)
here we have been, with artist Susan Bennetta (2013)
Endless Game, play in one act, with Ben Taylor (2016)
coat peg world, Pamphlet Poets (2016)
home by different ways, with artist Susan Bennetta (2016)
lines from the net loft, Community of Poets & Artists Press (2017)
Killick, Community of Poets & Artists Press (2019)
puzzle box (poem &woodcut) with poet Michael Curtis (1998)
her face (poem & lithograph) with poet Michael Curtis (1999)
neither i (poem & digital print from painting) with artist Randal Cooke (2001)
earth & stone (poem & digital print) with artist Alan Young (2002)
breakfast/déjeuner du matin (poem & digital print), translated by the poet (2008)
l’arbre de Noêl with artist Sue Bennetta, translated by Francesco Pantaleo (2009)
A sequence of seven Poems by Post with artist Cristina Iona Vianu, translated by Lidia Vianu (2010)
forgotten place (poem and painting) with artist Susan Bennetta (2010)
locating fern (poem and collage) with artist Susan Bennetta (2011)
A sequence of four Poems by Post with poet Michael Curtis and artist Susan Bennetta (2012)
glittering loss (poem and paintings) with artist Susan Bennetta (2013)
atlantic fragments (poem and paintings) with artist Susan Bennetta (2013)
manifest (poem and painting) with artist Susan Bennetta (2013)
the bell (poem and painting) with artist Pamela Dearing (2016)
dread flight with artist Susan Bennetta (2016)
bluebells at St Anthony with artist Susan Bennetta (2018)
In October with artist Susan Bennetta, translated by Jerry Sethir (2019)
Vigil (a poem with music) with artist Susan Bennetta (2020)
terra incognita (2000)
monoprints whitstable (2000)
untitled woodcut book (2000)
untitled monoprint book (2000)
waiting (sonic art work with text) (2001)
approaching and…(2002)
monoprints minis bay (2007)
untitled prints and poems, Montbron (2009)
drawings we have made, Montbron (2011)
here we have been, Dover (2013)
rain, monoprints, Looe (2016)
home by different ways, Looe (2016)
untitled, net book (2018)
untitled, woodcut book (2019)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BYPrVdUHr1UHome by Different Ways
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nQLWKcO9cqY Colouring Christmas
https://youtu.be/ELcxfYj5KXk Yn Mis Hedra
https://youtu.be/v7pCIqrjiAc retreat
https://youtu.be/X_4IDtnokX4 Bluebells at St Anthony
https://youtu.be/sPnoyWU7TXI 50° 13’ 14.17” N, 4° 4&8217; 7.9” W
https://youtu.be/L3qtiUocLO8 shadowline
https://youtu.be/DHa5wyMTS_c the missing shade of blue
https://youtu.be/1rLMF-evamc a faded song…
https://youtu.be/fWssbC4dxME elemental
https://youtu.be/L7U-NCcFzGs making light work
https://youtu.be/iw-FI9FhYDs the artist has left the room
https://youtu.be/joHXhRQhRQQ bodmin killick
https://youtu.be/CTlI5QcoM5w moor-lands
https://youtu.be/emZyAtTtEGo breakfast
https://youtu.be/COx-s7J8Tgo mor drouz
'https://youtu.be/fVoHUANzosU sweet flowers
https://youtu.be/W6lQij4X9-k the long drift
https://youtu.be/zWeQQXZXJgA the smallest thought
https://youtu.be/nr7424W5kv8 islands
https://youtu.be/wjAuNqhQahQ speaking-minds
https://youtu.be/Zr4m0Hp5NWQ the lowest tide
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qHvh2yht1_Q&t=2s response to place
https://youtu.be/AwiOlPzddDI painting on water
https://youtu.be/H40tQrkx4Uc resurrection
http://youtu.be/s7C8pIJorZw Acadiane journeys (Sunday in August)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XchBLqL028s now winter’s here
http://youtu.be/3VNneIokGbc trespasses
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PuAWbDIEt4Y Dimanche d’avril
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NgWWpvhIA0k Reflections on la Passerelle…
http://youtu.be/FbF9z7KT9dU Acadiane Journeys (Sunday in April)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0DcHVLDC_Jc Acadiane Journeys (out of time)