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from collection, “Trace” (Oversteps Books)



I think it would be a day like this –
sunlight gilding the autumn fields,
scraps of red campion flowering on the bank
and a thorn bush clotted with haws
where a flock of goldfinches lands,
their voices a bracelet tinkling with charms.
The old churchyard’s run to seed
but I notice the word Hedd
at the top of a slate
for Thomas Jones of Tan Garn
who lost his life at Passchendaele
on the sixteenth of August, 1917.
Such lovely birds to be acquainted with death,
their crimson faces, it’s said, splashed
with blood at the Passion.
In a gorse-gold flash they’re away
and I read the inscription
until the day dawns and the shadows retreat.
     Note: Hedd peace.

Mary Robinson

in collection Trace, 2020, Oversteps Books,
ISBN 978-1-906856-85-4