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Mary Robinson grew up on an off-grid smallholding in Warwickshire, worked in Cumbria, and now lives on the glorious Llŷn peninsula in North Wales where she concentrates on her writing. As a lecturer in English literature she was paid to spend her time reading books.
She has had two collections and three pamphlets published and her poetry has appeared in various anthologies and magazines. In 2015 she collaborated with photographer, Horatio Lawson, on Out of Time which was exhibited at the Friends’ Gallery, Theatre by the Lake, Keswick.
She has given several readings at literary festivals and at poetry events.
Her latest collection is Trace (Oversteps Press 2020):

Mary Robinson is able to slow the world in order for us to see things in all their extraordinary detail.


Rebecca Goss


This hugely enjoyable collection brings together thoughtful, beautifully observed poems which will repay reading and re-reading.


Helen Farish


Her most recent pamphlet is Alphabet Poems (Mariscat Press 2019):

The poem hits deep, laying out the landscape of the heart.


Shalini Pattabiraman, Sphinx OPOI


Her work has been included in, amongst others, Poetry Review, The Yellow Nib, Long Poem Magazine, Stand, The North, ARTEMISpoetry, Envoi.
She writes a regular literary blog “Wild About Poetry”
Her earlier publications are:
The Art of Gardening (Flambard 2010) – out of print but a few copies available on the internet:

Mary Robinson’s poems wear their learning lightly, but it is deeply there, in each of these engaged and engaging poems


Antoinette Fawcett


and: Out of Time (with photographs by Horatio Lawson) (Westward Books 2015)
Uist Waulking Song (illustrated pantoum) (Westward Books 2012)
(both are signed numbered pamphlets available from the author – email for details)