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Turning pages of the story
rescued years before from shelves
left quiet and unbothered, out slips
a photo of myself, my sister,
long since lost. We smile beyond
the camera, puddled in the rocks,
she with plaits, me in knitted
costume and happiness. It’s dated, placed
– Portballintrae – and straightaway
I’m between the novel’s make-believe
and those salty days. I see
my mother slot it in the pages
just as she used to do the bookmarks,
cards from sisters – ‘Dearest Bea…’
– and cut-out articles on Proust
or Dickens. Such ravelling of time
to ensnare life’s easy narrative,
play havoc with its reading.

Malcolm Carson

in collection Route Choice, 2016, Shoestring Press,
ISBN 978-1-9103235-0-2