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Malcolm Carson was born in Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire. He moved to Belfast with his family before returning to Lincolnshire, becoming an auctioneer and then a farm labourer. He studied English at Nottingham University, and then taught in colleges and universities. He now lives in Carlisle, Cumbria, with his wife and three sons. His two previous full collections, Breccia in 2006 and Rangi Changi and other poems in 2011, and a pamphlet, Cleethorpes Comes to Paris in 2014, were from Shoestring Press. Route Choice, published in 2016, is also from Shoestring.
Some review comments:

‘Malcolm Carson’s Breccia is a find… It suggests a kind of modesty yet solidity at the same time… The voice is strong, the language sensuously enacts what is being described… you should be able to tell that this is very much my kind of book. Anyone who likes reading fine poems will think so too.


Matt Simpson, Stride Magazine


[Rangi Changi] ticks most boxes for me. Constantly engaging in subject and language… This is another fine collection from Shoestring. Read it.


David Ashbee, South


Musical, resigned, sensuous… So persuasive is Carson’s voice.


Nigel Jarrett, Acumen