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in collection, Inventory, 2008,
Shearsman Press, ISBN 978-1-9057009-0-5



Cures for common ailments


A poultice of crumb of bread seeped in vinegar will cure a new corn in one night. A little plaster of Paris damped in paste will answer the same purpose, as will a small circle, pierced in the centre, of agaric, or touchwood (from the touchwood tree). Crushed leaves of bindweed applied to styes are very efficacious. Many people use little sticks of butter or cocoa as a cosmetic. If a little cocaine is added and a sting rubbed with the stick, it will procure immediate relief. Hay fever (what an infliction!) is an indisposition that concerns us for it makes the sufferer look ugly and almost ridiculous. No beauty can withstand it. It should be struggled against from the beginning. Once the evil of an in-growing toenail is there, the question is how to cure it. Wet the whole foot. Apply a solution of gutta-percha (80 parts) and chloroform (10 parts). The flesh is thus rendered hard and insensitive.


Linda Black


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