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I remember leaving,
being left

I was taken in a car in the arms of a nurse,
on the back seat, it was a black Ford Popular,
the seats were red leather, the dashboard
red metal – this is what the nurse saw –
and my face was against her wool cape,
before I knew wool or nurses, only
shape or dark or light. I remember leaving
my mother – taken away, whisked, snatched,
ferreted – and the noise: hollow of tin,
squeaking lino, a loud slapping. I remember
leaving my mother, sailing away, flying
through the air, through the fresh breeze
of my mother’s hair, far now from the milky
warmth, her cardigan. I wanted to stay,
circle, hover above – and it’s as if I died in the air –
and came back to life at the level of feet,
white shoes, black shoes turning – bring her
this way
– and the babies were crying
high and wide, near me.

Kay Syrad

in collection, Double Edge, 2012, Pighog Press
ISBN 978-1-9063092-3-7