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in collection Letters North, 2008 (Aug),

Brodie Press, ISBN 978-0-9542649-5-6

        runner-up, Mslexia poetry competition, 2004


The Find


You might catch it on the corner of Sauchiehall and Hope Street

where the Big Issue seller stands sentinel with his dog,


and sometimes on the Isle of Iona when the sky is carved by cloud,

the sea turns serpentine and gannets dive target-sure.


It hid from me down an alleyway on Fifth and Seventy-First

amongst the rubbish sacks. I sensed it though.


Even whistled around the gasworks on the Torbay Road

as people held their noses on open-top buses.


My motherís friend found it on Plymouth Sound on Armistice Day,

it was there all right, though the discovery was hers alone.


I found it once by Lake Columcille in the hills of Donegal,

the sun coloured the water mercury, etching the fields.



Julie-ann Rowell


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