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First to Blink

And on the rain-slick road in front of me
white-staring      staring me down
daring me down     not moving
luminous in the moment   in the car headlight
forty-mile-an-hour moment
flower-face     feather-face
saucer-starer     Blodeuwedd
taking me in
taking my lethal metal jacket in
and not moving      facing me down
claw gripping carcase
pinning me down
          till I blink   brake   swerve
          into the risk of oncoming
lifts upward like a leaf
letting go of gravity
curd of mist
of white ash
dissolving to night      to drizzle
blurring to peripheral
talons ungrasped
letting me run
leaving me smeared
furred and bloody
on the road

Jennie Osborne

in collection Colouring Outside the Lines, Oversteps Books, 2015,
ISBN 978-1-9068565-8-8