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Jennie Osborne lives in South Devon. She is one of the organisers of Poetry Teignmouth and the Teignmouth Poetry Festival, gives workshops and readings around the South West, and runs a regular ‘Poetry Playtime’ group in Teignmouth.
How to be Naked, Jennie’s first collection, came out from Oversteps Books in 2010 and her latest collection, Colouring Outside the Lines again from Oversteps in Sept 2015. This collection includes First to Blink, which won first prize in the 2015 Kent and Sussex Poetry Competition, also The Habits of Free Electrons, a runner-up in the 2015 Mslexia Competition. Her poems also feature in many magazines and anthologies, most recently in The Book of Love and Loss (Belgrave Press) and Songs for the Unsung (Grey Hen Press). A pamphlet is ‘in the pipeline’, and she is working on a third full collection, which addresses our relationship with ‘the other’ including the global environment.
As well as being inspired by the countryside around her, Jennie is interested in the interface of poetry with art and music and finds collaboration with musicians and visual artists fruitful. She is a co-author of the collaborative book Poets, Painters and Printmakers 2012. Themes of time, memory and relationship, although often with an unexpected twist, underlie her work which she sums up as being about ‘this messy business of being human’.
Colouring Outside the Lines, 2015. £8
and How to be Naked, 2010. £9 incl p&p
     both from Oversteps Books
CD: Something about a Woman (avail from Jennie, via Moor Poets)
Songs for the Unsung, Grey Hen Press, 2017, 978-0-9933756-4-4
Moor Poets Vol. IV, Moor Poets, 2018, 978-0-9551114-3-3
Poets, Painters and Printmakers, Bulb Store Books 2012, 978-0-9551114-1-9
The Book of Love and Loss, Belgrave Press 2014 978-0-9546215-2-0
Images of Women, Arrowhead Press in assoc. with Second Light,
2006, ISBN 978-1-9048521-4-8
Miracles and Clockwork, Other Poetry, 2005, ISBN 0-955174-90-2
Moor Poets Vol.III, Moor Poets, 2013, 978-0-9551114-2-6
Moor Poets Vol.II, Moor Poets, 2005, 0-955111-40-4
Moor Poets Vol.I, Wylde Pub., 2003, 0-954547-40-3
The Ticking Crocodile, Blinking Eye Pub., 2004
Poetry on the Buses, Green Books, 2001, ISBN 1-903998-03-4
Perceptions, Poetry Monthly Press, 2000
Parents, Enitharmon/Second Light, 2000, 1-900564-71-8
Work, Katabasis, 1999, 0-904872-31-9