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published in Tears in the Fence;

in anthology, My Mother Threw Knives, 2006,

Second Light Publications, ISBN  0-9546934-1-8;

in collection, a kind of slow motion, 2007,

tall-lighthouse, ISBN 978-1-904551-30-0


Home Truths


At forty, my mother threw knives,

whet-stoned knives, sharpened Sheffield steel

which ached to do their work.


They glinted in her hand above the chopping board

and sliced through vegetables and meat

they reeked of tripe and onions.


My mother could hurl a knife with such precision

that the rest of us could only stand and gasp, jaws open,

as she pinned us to the sunflower kitchen wall.


There was never any doubt that she was good.


My mother honed her skill with hormones

and practised every Sunday morning,

while she cooked the roast and home-made apple pie.


At forty, my mother threw knives  she never missed.

She would pin an unsuspecting target to the larder door,

by the collar or the sleeve, with one deft flick


and I, at eleven, was filled with awe

by her ambidextrous hands. I encouraged her in accuracy

and was chosen as her assistant. I learnt to stay still.


My mother threw knives. It was a harmless circus skill,

but the words, which accompanied them, killed.



Janice Fixter


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