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in pamphlet collection, Lie of the Land, 2010,

The Wordsworth Trust


Common Names


Somewhere, there is a spider called Harrison Ford,

another genus known as Orson Welles. The oceanís full

of seahorses who take their names from racing champs.

Above our heads, a solitary Greta Garbo wasp takes flight.


Each day, someone adopts a killer whale or buys

a patch of moon only to call it Bob and last night,

watching meteors sail drunk across the Grasmere sky,

you told me there are minor planets christened


Elvis, Nietzsche, Mr Spock. So forgive me if I looked up

past your face, to see those nearly-silver drops

make rivers in the dark, and, for a moment,

almost thought there might be stars named after us.


Helen Mort


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