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in collection Wolf on the Third Floor, 2000,

New Hope International. ISBN 0 903610 25 6;

previously published in Obsessed with Pipework, 1998


Peter the Great


When my Father, Tsar Alexis, died

and the blood of thousands splashed

in the snow like iced rowan berries

I could dream of nothing but

the felling of trees.


When my family and friends were

butchered before my eyes, I could feel

nothing but the peeling of bark

under my red thumb as the

spokeshave bit deep.


And when I imprisoned my sister, and

confined my feeble minded brother

to his own emptiness, I sealed

the wooden joints of my own freedom

with pitch and bitumen.


Then I defeated the Turk, and opened

our lands to the Baltic and Caspian seas.

I sensed again the unfurling

of new canvas to the

fresh untested wind.


And when, as they say, I created modern

Russia, I remember only my childhood

hands working on that first small ship.

Ruling the Empire gave me

no such satisfaction.


                        Graham High


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