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31 Mar20

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Gill McEvoy’s first pamphlet Uncertain Days (Happenstance Press 2006) earned a positive mention in the PBS bulletin. Her third The First Telling (also Happenstance) won the Michael Marks Award 2015. She also has 2 collections from Cinnamon press: The Plucking Shed 2010; and rise 2013. She is one of six featured poets in Prole Books’ Caboodle. Gill’s work is featured in many anthologies, and is widely published. She is a Hawthornden Fellow, (2012).
She now lives in Devon where she moved from Chester in 2017, not to retire, but to recover from running so many poetry events in Chester that she came close to wearing herself out! She has now recouped her energies and began this year with a poetry reading afternoon which would have become a series but the Corona Virus lock-down has temporarily intervened in that plan. However there is always tomorrow… and Gill, if anything, is an optimistic survivor as some of the poems in her collections illustrate.