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Eileen Carney Hulme’s second poetry collection The Space Between Rain is published by Indigo Dreams Publishing on 1st June 2010.
Her poems have appeared in numerous poetry magazines, anthologies and internet poetry websites. She has won several poetry prizes and been placed or Highly Commended in many competitions including; The City Of Derby Short Story and Poetry Competition, Coffee House Poetry Competition, Hastings International Poetry Competition, Partners Annual Poetry Competition, Indigo Dreams Press Poetry Awards, The Sheila Nugent Awards and The Dawntreader Awards.
She has read her work at poetry festivals and in bookshops. In 2004 Eileen was named as one of the top ten best poets in The Purple Patch Best Poets category as part of their small press awards. In 2005 her first collection of poems Stroking The Air was published by Bluechrome of Bristol and the book was awarded third place in The Purple Patch Best Collections Award 2005.
Eileen lives in the far North of Scotland drawing inspiration for her writing from the big skies and deserted beaches. She is a member of Elgin Writers and SAW (Scottish Association of Writers).

   The Space Between Rain

Eileen Carney Hulme’s quiet presence in poetry becomes more and more compelling. The poems in this new book The Space Between Rain sparkle throughout with a delicate philosophical light, and tackle their subjects head-on to wrest from them their weather and atmosphere. It’s a book for re-reading, which more than fulfils the promise of Stroking The Air.

Sally Evans, Poetry Scotland

In The Space Between Rain Eileen Carney Hulme carves out a wealth of spaces – spaces for the reader to enter; spaces where small twists in events open up vistas to emotional and physical landscapes; spaces that hint at the strange and tease at the corners of perception. Beautifully understated, humane and lyrical, Carney Hulme’s second collection is a long-awaited delight.

Dr Jan Fortune-Wood, Cinnamon Press and Envoi

Eileen Carney Hulme weaves spells with her words. Her poems enchant with their delicately crafted imagery and sheer musicality. Hulme writes of morning souls and shamans, of hieroglyphs and fallen leaves; her territory is no less than that intimate space that defines us as being human.

Nessa O’Mahony

   Stroking The Air

There is a clarity and honesty about the poems that lifts them above fads and fashions…

Brian Patten

Accessible without being prosaic, moving without being mawkish, it offers interesting perspectives on life… and her candour is disarming. Her contexts are refreshingly open-aired and subtly optimistic…Hulme has a slightly different angle on the usual subjects… An individual voice…

R V Bailey, Envoi