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Diana Brodie (      - 2019)


published in Rialto, 67, Summer 2009


A Choice of Hands


Delivered to you in a high quality velvet case,

your baby’s hands will reach you

in perfect condition, resting


on lovingly hand-sewn silk cushionettes,

made in charming Chinese villages

we have personally visited.


The process of taking the cast,

done in your own home,

is almost entirely painless.


Click the link to see examples of our craft:

in polished marble, are “Rory’s hands”,

clutching at the air in a most meaningful way.


If you prefer lead crystal, you will love to see

how “Marianne’s hands”, priced

at only £939, miraculously catch the light.


Although you may think that

small bubbles within the glass

are a defect in the glass-making,


they are in fact a metaphor

for the uniqueness of your child.

Prices on application.  Use PayPal.


Special reductions apply if ordering

both hands and feet in cold cast bronze.

Pet paws are also available.


Diana Brodie


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