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in anthology Four Caves of the Heart,

Second Light Publications, ISBN 095469340X

and in pamphlet  Single Travellers, 2004

Flarestack, ISBN 1900397706


Something Like a Stone


If Id been asked a little while ago

what sadness is, and where it tends to grow,

I might have said:   it flourishes in shade

of sombre yews, or sighs in swaying reeds

along black creeks that web a lonely marsh

or overflows from reservoirs of grief.


Id not have said: sadness unfolds like wings

that must not fly too near the scorching sun.

Id not have said: sadness can weave a net

to trawl more fine and rare discoveries.

Id not have said: sadness becomes a lens

that focuses the edge of happiness.


Id still not say, because I still dont know

if sadness is the kernel or the shell

for every nut of truth. I only know

that in my breast lies something like a stone

that was not there a little while ago.


Christine Coleman


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