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published in More Creative, July 2006,

re:create press, CAL 060004




I ask you about home

and you tell me

home is where the river runs

home is where the dates grow

in bunches

and dry, brown in the sun

home is where your father

farms the land

and drives his horses

home is where you have a father

or did have.

I ask you where you come from

and you say

I come from here

Here is where Iím from

no back story

no foreignerís tale

because only strangers are foreign

and I am not strange

I am human

like you.

You ask me how I spend my days

and my nights

and I tell you

I spend my days thinking

and my nights

writing poetry

in a dark place

so I can try to imagine

what it is like

to leave prison behind in one country

only to arrive in another

the next.

You ask me about home

and I tell you.



Cheryl Moskowitz


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