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O how you skim the water, lean on air and turn into wind,
your kite above you like a segment of moon!
Riding the waves encased in your harness, your feet strapped
to your board, you tense the lines and twist up against the sky.
We watch from the sands, our hearts reaching high, willing
you further as you lift from water and vanish into light.
But now – do you fall? Each one of us thinks of what’s failing
or failed, dying or on the brink: we mourn our lost rapture.
A long while you lie prostrate on water until the moon
loops and climbs and lifts you in its shadow.

Caroline Maldonado

in collection What they say in Avenale, 2014, Indigo Dreams Publishing,
ISBN 978-1-9093576-5-5;
winner, Tryangle Project Poetry competition 2012