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A bed is a light bulb in the night sky

See how it tugs itself off and on    off and on.
See it suck in the stars    swelling its brightness
exhale them in uneven spatters of light in the sky.
A bed is a light bulb that tugs you to half-sleep
disjointedly dreaming impossible circles
impossible circles in search of solutions
that tugs you to half-wake    afraid of the night
of impossible circles stalking the morning
the light at the crack of the creak of a door.
A bed is a light bulb lit by a mind of its own.
See how it clings to the night sky above you
too high to permit you to harry it down.
See it as scowler growling and clawing its litter
of clouds. See how it prowls in impossible circles
settles its score for you tethering it to the ground.
A bed is a light bulb in the night sky    vengeful
determined. You must sew up your eyes    know
that the meter must run out of shillings sometime.

Anne Stewart

published in ARTEMISpoetry, Issue 9, 2012,
Second Light Publications, ISSN 2045-4686;
and Eng/Rom & Eng/Spa collection Only Here till Friday, 2015, ISBN 978-60613245-7-6
and 2016, ISBN 978-60613312-0-8, Bibliotecha Universalis (Bucharest)