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For a change

something innocent this way comes.
No learned cynicism, no imminent threat.
See it as some long-haired girl not tanned yet
looking to do some good in the world.
Maybe she wants to be a paramedic.
Bike it in fast to where only a bike can get.
She wants to save a body at least
if not a soul.
Let it be catching. Let it come to us all
like an infection.
Let it be this Local
this Determined
as the saints and angels
of our every day.
We are the cells it needs
to go viral.

Anne Stewart

in collection The Last Parent, April 2019, Second Light Publications,
ISBN 978-0-9927088-3-2;
also in Eng/Rom short collection, Let It Come to Us All, 2017, Integral (Bucharest, print)
and Contemporary Literature Press (Bucharest, online), ISBN 978-6-0687825-3-9 / 978-6-0676009-2-6;
first published in anthology Poems for a Liminal Age, 2015, SPM Publications,
ISBN 978-0-9927055-6-5