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“any minute now / în orice clipă”,

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The Journey Home

When coming home feels like singing –
a song that makes the passing gardens bloom
and silence fall in every house as people down
their pots and brooms, the better to hear
the melody and let it fill the room;
or dancing – a dance of pirouettes
against the perfect blue of afternoon,
jetés so high above the tallest trees that birds
would have to crane their necks to catch and keep
to its ecstatic swoop and swoon;
when, every day, love’s lunacy unites
the song and dance in perfect tune
and all my world is promises of you,
what journey would I choose
but coming home?

Anne Stewart

first published in ARTEMISpoetry, Iss 28, May 2022;
in collection any minute now / în orice clipă, Eng/Rom, 2023, Eikon (Bucharest),
ISBN 978-606-49-0916-9