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from  sequence "The Pansy Poems"

previously published in Reactions, 4, 2003

and Songs from the Flats, 2005,

Hearing Eye, ISBN 1-905082-01-0


Show Pansies


The blooms should be thick and circular,

no waviness in the petals, they should

possess a glossy, velvet appearance.

In Kill em and eat ’em Street, we watch.


The face of the bloom should be slightly

arched or convex, with a small eye.

The dustbin lids have gone missing again.


The two centre petals should meet above

and reach well up on the top two.

The landladies are on the roof.


The lower petal should be sufficiently

deep and broad for balance and each

should lie evenly upon the others.

They can’t find them either.


To elaborate further, the top of the lower

petal should be straight and flat.

But look what they’ve spotted.


The two centre petals should be arranged

evenly on either side of an imaginary

line drawn through the yellow eye.

Someone’s hanging out washing at number 3.


The top of these petals should reach to the same

height on the upper petals so that the whole

of the bloom is evenly balanced.

It isn’t Monday. Someone will pay.


Anna Robinson


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