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Anna Adams (1926 - 2011)


in collection Green Resistance, 1996,

Enitharmon,  ISBN 1 870612 57 4


Mister Jarman's Ghosts


Don't you find it creepy, Missis Adams?

I feel it on them stairs: a sort of coldness;

and you fly up and down quite quick, I notice.

I used to do the same myself, but now

old Annie Domino has slowed me down.

    I started here on night security,

and one night, after midnight, on that landing,

I met a lady. She was very small,

not five foot high, dressed in old-fashioned clothes.

She said 'Who are you? Tell me who you are.'

She had a small, high, strangled sort of voice:

old and far off. I didn't tell her nothing.

Then once, in the front hall, Sir Allan Grant

glided towards me through a haze of smoke.

That's how you tell it's them.

They come through smoke,

and it's all dark behind them, spangled like

with Christmas glitter. He was like his bust.

And then, by day, I saw another lady.

I couldn't see her face but saw her dress

had lots of little buttons, glass, or diamonds.

She walked away with quick but tiny steps -

like this. An old chap told me I had seen

the woman who kept house when he was young.

'You got her to a tee,' he said. Quite often,

up in the Private Rooms, I seen a shadow.

It moves across the windows, and I've heard -

down by Nun's Walk - a scream like someone murdered.

Then someone set a tape-recorder up

outside the restaurant, and left it running,

recording all the noises of the night:

the pipes and groaning fridges, then this scream.

They got it on the tape: a woman screaming.

    One night, down in the vaults, one tapped my shoulder.

I turned, and there was no one. I'm a psychic.

 The lady from the Psychical Research

said I was Extrasensitive. My Mother

would give what she could spare to those in trouble.

She was religious. I'm a seventh child.

That's why I got this gift. I see and hear them.

    Haven't you never seen one, Missis Adams?


Anna Adams



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