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Natural Causes

Rodriguez Petrón: stabbed.
Eva Waters: scarlet fever.
Van Houten: beaten with a stone.
Chas Helm: shot.
Holo Lucéro: killed by Indians.
Peter Smith: struck with a poker.
Frank Bowles: thrown from his horse.
Freddie Fuss: stagnant water.
John Heath: lynched by a mob.
Thom Cowan: diphtheria.
John Gibson: crushed by a wagon.
Mrs Stump: died in childbirth.
Geo Johnson: hanged by mistake.
Billy Kinsman: crime of passion.
Delia William: arsenic poison.
Willam Carpenter: kidney infection.
Charley Storms: cardgame shooting.
Lester Moore: “four slugs from a .44”.
Kansas Kid: killed in stampede.
Malvina Lopez: charcoal fumes.
Archie McBride: consumption.
James McMartin: “over consumption”.
Mrs Pring: suicide, hydrate chloral.
Brady Boys: drowned while swimming.
Foo Kee: ptomaine poisoning.
Johnnie Blair: smallpox.
Unknown man: mining fall.
Mrs Brown: natural causes.

André Mangeot

previously published in TLS, No. 5008, 1999;
in collection Natural Causes, 2003, Shoestring Press,
ISBN 978-1-8995498-6-3