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William Oxley (1939 - 2020)


Breakfast at the Basin page

Breakfast at the Basin

       (Exeter Quay)
The cobbled waterfront
medieval surface like watered boils
but a sweet, healthy sun
sweeps majestic rays
across miles of still water
long as memory. Yes,
memory, memory, memories
of this Anglo-Roman-Norman city.
And if you love it like me
you, too, shall inherit memory
that many strata’d encirclement
like Exeter’s time-trapped wall:
memory of things you cannot know
as that memory, a once-time
I drew a finger over stone,
cathedral stone, and the yellow dust
that fell, fell from an angel’s wing
a sort of dry dead sunlight
the colour of the invisible.
And this harboured water
with its gossiping crowd of ducks and swans
is really a welcome pool of infinity
the source of life and idea.

William Oxley

in coffee-table collection, Isca – Exeter Moments, photographs by Barry Davidson,
2013, The Ember Press, ISBN 978-1-8731613-7-1