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published in Orbis, Issue 141, 2007,  ISSN 0300-4425


London bus


She’s carrying a child, face fuzzy with sleep, clinging

to spaghetti straps stretched over bony shoulders.


He’s carrying the tiredness of starting work at 5am,

photographs of his children back in Venezuela.


She’s carrying a sudoku, a neat cage of numbers

erasing the lump and the hospital letter.


He’s carrying a basil plant in a plastic bag,

a paperback with a gunman on its cover.


She’s carrying the confidence of a new haircut,

the sweat of last night’s brief encounter.


He’s carrying the lines of forty years of loneliness,

worn-out fantasies about his neighbour’s daughter.


She’s carrying a furry bookmark, gift from her mother,

unread notes from last week’s lecture.


He’s carrying a walking stick in twisted fingers

tapping rhythms from a sonnet he struggles to remember.


She’s carrying sunglasses, a tortoiseshell compact,

bright red lipstick for the morning’s hangover.


He’s carrying the Sun, indigestion from a fried breakfast,

resentment of the woman with the long vowels and laptop computer.


She’s carrying a set of headphones she shares with her sister,

a rainbow of gel pens, two scrunchies and a history folder.


He’s carrying a mobile phone, a headful of tangled wires,

hair bleach, citric acid and baking soda.


Vicky Wilson


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