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Vicky Wilson is a poet, non-fiction writer, editor and educator. Her poems have been published as a collection in Line Dancing (Categorical Books, 2009) as well as in the magazines Acumen, Brittle Star, Equinox, The Interpreter’s House, Logos, Orbis and South and more than a dozen anthologies. She has collaborated with artists as Poet in Residence at Brent Museum and Archives and as part of the Faversham Festival and with musicians in the touring show Daughters. Following her success as a member of the first Canterbury Laureate Squad, she has also contributed to many festivals and events by working with the public to create poems from their contributions.
More recently, Vicky has written two books about place – London’s Houses (Metro, 3rd edition, 2014) and London’s Oddities (Metro, 2018). She is currently working on a walking guide to Oxford.
As an editor Vicky has worked on books and magazines for organisations including the Royal Academy of Arts, British Film Institute and several architectural practices. In 2010 and 2011 she organised and co-edited two anthologies of poetry and readings featuring around 150 poets that together raised more than £5000 for charities Children in Need and ShelterBox.
Vicky enjoys working with adults and children to empower and inspire them to create, devising and delivering creative-writing and book-making workshops in schools and community settings in London, Essex, Hertfordshire and Kent. She also works to help schools improve their arts provision through Royal Opera House and Creative Writing through the Arts.
Vicky lives by the sea in Kent.