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Tony Turner (         - 2013)


first published in South 40, 2009, ISSN 0959-1133

in collection Dreams and Sudden Dangers, 2009,

Cherrycroft Press, ISBN 978-0-9532900-9-3



An English Winterís Tale

With thanks to Louis MacNeice



Oh dear, oh dear, it snowed last night

The city streets are cloaked in white

At least three inches of the stuff

Have blocked the roads, itís quite enough.


So itís no go to school today, itís no go to the office

The wrong stuffís on the lines today and the buses are all in the garage.


The Council has run out of grit

They never thought it would come to it

The teachers canít get in today

The children have gone off to play.


So itís no go the motorway, itís no go the by-pass

My bike is under a load of hay and Iíve lost my uncleís eyeglass.


The snow ploughís stuck at the Council tip

Behind ten tanks and a rusty ship

Theyíve quite forgotten where it lurks

Or even how the damn thing works.


So itís no go the shovels and spades, itís no go brawn and braces

Weíve all downed tools and weíre off to watch the local downhill races.


Itís not that we really want to shirk

It just isnít healthy or safe to work

Itís not that the roads are really icy

But weíre not taking risks when the odds are dicey.


So itís no go production quotas, itís no go the targets

Dadís gone down to the Rose and Crown and the kids have gone to Margate!


                                                        Tony Turner


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