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Timothy Adès, a translator-poet, born 1941, has degrees in classics and international business. He translates mainly French, German and Spanish poems into English, tending to work with rhyme and metre. His six books to date are: Alberto Arvelo Torrealba, Florentino and the Devil, Shearsman Books, 2014; Robert Desnos, Storysongs / Chantefables, poem stories, Agenda Editions, 2014; Victor Hugo, The Big Story of the Lion (2014) and poems from How to be a Grandfather (2002), both from Hearing Eye; new Complete Edition 2012; Jean Cassou, 33 Sonnets of the Resistance, (composed in his head and memorised in a Vichy prison), Arc 2002; Cassou, The Madness of Amadis, Agenda Editions 2008. Other favourites are Brecht, and the Mexican, Alfonso Reyes; Sikelianós, Nerval, Louise Labé, Ricarda Huch, Manuel Gutiérrez Nájera, Hans/Jean Arp; and most of all, Robert Desnos, 1900-45, the most exciting French poet of the last century. Timothy’s awards include the John Dryden Prize and the Premio Valle-Inclán Prize.


Books – see above
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Five Poems of Jean Cassou
Homer in Cuernavaca by Alfonso Reyes
Selected Rhymed Poems of Bertolt Brecht
Siren-Anemone & Other Poems by Robert Desnos
Reviews: Translations of La Fontaineᰱs Fables (2)
In Modern Poetry in Translation
Eight Sonnets of Jean Cassou with Aragon’s introduction
Three Poems of Ricards Huch
Classic Gallic Lipograms
Elegies of Louise Labé
Ten Poems of Robert Desnos
Ten Poems of Exile by Bertolt Brecht
Review: Horace translated by Colin Sydenham
In Comparative Criticism:
Weisst Du Schwarzt Du by Hans Arp
Against the Grain by Robert Desnos
In Comparative Critical Studies and Napoleonic Society of America
Moscow, Waterloo, St Helena by Victor Hugo
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Norton The Greek Poets: Homer to Present
Black Widow Press Essential Poems … of Robert Desnos
Brindin poetry translation website – many poems
British Museum Cleopatra’s Face
Hayward Gallery Undercover Surrealism
Hearing Eye: Well Versed and In the Company of Poets (ed John Rety)
Tate Publishing A Dada Reader
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