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in collection, The Suspension of the Moon, 2006,

Oversteps Books, ed Anne Born, ISBN 0-9552424-0-1;

first published in Ambit


Titania Wings


These wings were my passport to nakedness.

They are not angelís but fairyís wings.

The paintbrushes and pigments he uses on them

persuade me that joy can be squeezed

in drops out of my skin into your eyes,

so you love me as long as my young body

lasts in his frame ó long as anyone knows.


The blue fall of water silk over my arm covers my legs

and Venusís mound in a shimmering smoke shift.

In the moony studio light, I am really like that

but the woodbine and violets are normal sized flowers

scaled up into giants to make me look small.

My hair a steady spray of gold so the veil and my tresses

suggest moon and sun curling gently upon one another.


I know my nipples surpass the perfection of any bud.

I plant my feet firmly down on the leafís fringe

but they run down the beach of his looking

and flutter kick through the wondering tide in his eyes,

behind to wherever your thoughts find a place

with Titania unclothed ó

her wings in your face.



Susan Taylor


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