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Lords of Misrule

Not what I thought – the woods, dense,
untamed on the tip of Tibbet’s Corner where
men were once hanged, swinging south-east.
Now gilded lambs’ tails of hazels, the
intoxication of elder blossom. Our fears,
out-manoeuvred by the charted life
of school and home, broke out again by the rope,
hoisted over a hanging branch, the rope’s knot
tightened by the weight of boys reeking
of oakum and boats. And they were everywhere –
the unseen, their seductive whisperings,
ball-eyed in the scrub; our goose pimples
flushed as they fixed hard on us. We kept them at bay,
warning them away with our wild shrieks
as we swung across the Meer, a grave-yard
of plastic bits, buckled trolleys, strangling
weed and oil slicks. As the sun dipped,
shadows subdued us. The rope died, hung
heavy and limp. I followed the boys home
along the old Portsmouth Road, our feet
forked, toes mulched in mud. I watched
them swagger and joke pretending nothing
within us had changed – our pockets alive,
quivering with frogspawn.

Sue Davies

in anthology A Way Through the Woods, 2016, Binsted Arts