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Stephen Duncan is a poet and sculptor with publications, public exhibitions and performance collaborations in the UK and Europe. He attended art schools and academies in London and Rome and has since worked with students of a wide range of disciplines and experience. With much of his work describing image and form with the dynamics of metaphor, he sees poetry as a creative core to his world.

He enjoys reading at public venues including pubs, clubs, art centres, Poetry London, the Poetry Café, the Greenwich, Cardiff and Essex Festivals etc. His work has been published in magazines and anthologies (including the Arts Council and PEN) and by Peterloo and the Poetry Business. Ghost-Walking (Smith/Doorstop Books) was a Poetry Business prizewinner and was reviewed by Chris Becket in Poetry London:

 ‘….beautiful love poems and quirky tales, Ghost-Walking is a stunning poem and alone is worth the book for me…he doesn’t obviously strive for effect...[his poetry] seems to create itself, rising out of close observation, an unforced metaphor.’

Other poets have described how ‘his humorous and sometimes alarming work’ (Sean O’Brien), ‘moves easily beyond the merely private into deeper and more timeless worlds’ (Robert Dunbar) and as ‘a continually exploring spirit whose gift is to offer the reader a tragic-comic vision of the life through the senses’ (Hugo Williams) ‘he still believes in poetry as a vehicle for intrepid imaginative adventure’ (Christopher Reid). Gillian Clarke has written:

 ‘[ his poetry] has energy and rings true. Its language casts the spell poetry should. There’s not one false note. The writer has the patience and the trust to let poetry do what it must.’

Stephen has been awarded an Arts Council Writers Award by Peter Redgrove, has received prizes for his poetry in the Bridport, Arvon, Cardiff and Greenwich Competitions and is an Hawthornden Fellow. He has judged competitions, led creative writing and performance workshops for both Fine Art and Drama students and has collaborated with several dance companies. His ‘Angels’ poetry series was part of his sculpture installation for London Transport at Gloucester Road Underground Station and ‘Heaven And Earth’ at Tate Modern. He works from studios in London and Wales and is currently working on a contemporary verse version of the Mabinogion for reading and publication.


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